Our Mission

We provide a positive, caring, and supportive environment for children of low-income families that values and respects each child’s God given potential, while offering a variety of cultural enrichment activities as well as academic support.

Our Vision

We strive to provide meaningful cultural enrichment activities and opportunities for children and families in need. We enjoy creating partnerships and building relationships within the community and cultures of the Skagit Valley.

Cost & Qualifications

Children of the Valley is a free, referral based program. Our students must qualify for free lunch through their elementary school. If you have questions about qualifications please call us at 360-982-2399.

Daily Schedule

3:15-4:15  Children Arrive

3:30-4:20  Snack/Activity Time

4:30-4:50  Reading

4:50-5:30  Homework or Academic Activities

5:30-6:00  Enrichment Activity

Note: Children are either bussed to the program or are picked up by COV staff and walked to the program.